I have finally found the love of my life

And wouldn't you know it I found her in a grocery store.

I was doing some late night shopping as I am prone to doing since the store is so close to my house. I was dressed like a slob which again I am very prone to doing when it's late and I'm shopping. I didn't even do my hair, and if any of you know me I never leave the house without doing my hair. I figured I just needed to run in and grab some things then head home and eat. And then I turned down the snack isle and I saw HER. She was a red head, which is my kryptonite. She was also short but I was able to look past that because the majesty of her beauty was something I had never beheld before, and doubt I would ever see again. She seemed like a little mixed ethnicity beauty though I couldn't put my finger on which ones. It didn't matter though I had no words for her as for once I couldn't talk.Sheepishly I walked past her wishing I had the courage to speak.

As it is with any grocery store romance her visage haunted me every isle I went. Ice Cream, she was there. Bakery, she was there. She even followed me to the cleaning isle. As i wandered over to the check out lane I realized in all the admiration of this beauty I forgot to pick up something in the snack isle that was imperative to the rest of my evening of watching movies. I headed back to the snack isle and once again she was there, just as radiant as before. It was fate. I had to talk to her. Mustering up all courage I could I walked up to her and said the only thing I could muster - "I want to take you home".

And she let me. After a quick journey through the checkout stand we ran across the street and entered in the back door because it was faster to get inside. Discarding and ignoring the groceries that seemed oh so important a mere hour ago I grabbed her and placed her on our counter. As I brought her to my lips I became overcome with bliss and a feeling of love that I had never thought possible. Oh the pleasures felt that evening with her in my arms. I will save you the details of our evening together in fear that you will think less of me for giving into my temptations but I will say I would never give up anything for those hours of pleasure we shared.

Every time I visit my grocery store now I keep an eye out for her. She hasn't been there but eventually I have faith that she will be soon enough.

Flipside crackers, I love you please come back to me.


Aimee said...

The best part of this post is the tags.

Michael Mitchell said...

That is hilarious. Little did I know someone else out there fantasized about food the way I do. Loverly illustration I might add.

Mallory said...

Love it! But then again I always love your stories!

amera hearts said...

reading this made my day. thanks allen!