The Roommate Swap - how is this allowed?????

Okay now I realize I am quite old so maybe this is just my old curmudgeon in me but the concept of the roommate switch is baffling me that it seems to be allowed in this day and age. it just seems so dirty and wrong on so many levels. For those of you not familiar with the roommate switch let me explain briefly.

person A is dating person B who is living with person C. Person A breaks up with person B. Person A then starts dating person C. Person B now has to continue to see person A all the time and live with the idea that they are not as pretty or handsome as person C.

I don't know why I wasted my time saying person because there is only one sex that actually attempts the roommate switch - men. And honestly this makes me disappointed in my sex.

Do these men not see what they are saying with their actions? Do they not see how much they are hurting the people they just broke up with? I just don't get it. Was it not enough to break their heart that you now have to remind them that clearly you think their roommate (most likely a friend of theirs) is prettier than they are?

Now my question is why are ladies allowing this to happen? I mean you can say no to said douche bag and stand up for your roommate, but instead you accept his attention and thus begins the awkwardness of the roommate switch. Ladies you are above this, and gentlemen you are scum if you attempt this and don't deserve either lady.

Now I realize that by saying you can't attempt the roommate switch, especially in the Mormon world where essentially everyone lives in 5 houses, that it isn't feasible to think you can't date within the same house. And I get that really I do. However there are only two exceptions that I can think of that allow you to date within the house and they are as follows -

1. You have the ex girlfriend's expressed permission to do this. However keep in mind when she is giving you this she is probably just being a good person and doesn't actually want you to do this but because you are an insensitive prick for even asking.

2. You must date at least 2 other people or have it be a minimum of 6 months whichever is longer between the ex girlfriend and the roommate. This gives them enough space to get over you and it actually gets you away from the ex and that house to let bygones be bygones.

Those are your outs gentlemen. That's it. I don't care how amicably the relationship ended or how hot the roommate is. You have zero excuses for being a douche. Knock it off and use some common sense you Mongoloid idiots who can only think with their small head instead of the big one where their brain is. You are making me look bad.


Dericho said...

I can think of one person this applies to...grrr...he has no soul!

Troy said...
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Troy said...

hehe... my best friend/roommate in college did this... The sad thing was, we were ALL living in the same apartment complex, so I had to deal with all parties involved... grrr.... the good news is... after the swap, they got married and have lived happily ever after!