An update of sorts

So after much deliberation and even more chaos, I have managed to put together a podcast.  To those of you that do not know what a podcast is it's essentially prerecorded radio on the Internet except awesome.  The reason I wanted to create this podcast was mainly because after I turned 31 I had come to a crossroad in my life where there was a group of friends that I was going to lose contact with if I didn't force myself to come up with reasons to hang out with them.  It sounds stupid but that's how my mind works.  If I don't see you or talk to you on a regular basis I most likely won't ever talk to you.  You're out of my direct memory and as a result I think that you wouldn't want to spend time with me so I chose to just be alone or find new friends.  I've lost many a friend because of this and I decided that I needed to find a way to change this behavior, or at least force myself to invite friends over to hang out with me.  And thus the Unoriginal Thought Process Podcast was born.  The idea is that I will invite some friends to come onto the show with me every week and we'll just talk.  talk about their lives, their relationships, funny things that have happened in their lives.  Just catch up and hang out for a bit.  I realize I could do this without the hook of recording the podcast, but I thought that this would be more fun and it would share with the world just how awesome all of my friends are.  So far I've got one episode in the books and this week I'm recording Episode two that should be marketable better and then we can build from there.  So please do give it a listen, subscribe and share your thoughts with me either here, or on facebook or even better just leave a comment on the libsyn page.  I promise I'm going to still be updating my blog here with about as much regularity as I have been, hopefully more.  I'm just really excited for this new project and I hope to take all of you along for the ride with me.