This post is brought to you by the letter B

Well this took a little longer than I thought it would but I finally finished with B which of course means it's time for another new update for my new year's resolution you have all clearly stopped caring about if you even did to begin with. Anyway here are the movies I watched.

Starting from the top Left - Bad Boys, Bandits, Barbershop, Batman Begins, A Bee Movie, Beyond The Mat, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Black Snake Moan, Blankman, Borat:Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bowfinger, Bring It On

I decided I was going to stick with these same categories that I set up for A just to help create some sort of uniformity to these posts.

Best Movie: Batman Begins. Quite simply this is the movie that reminded me that Batman movies can be good. Everything was excellent and just further cemented my love of Christopher Nolan.

Worst Movie: Black Snake Moan. Quite honestly I thought this movie had potential. Despite the fact that Sam Jackson appears in at least 800 movies a year I still basically give any movie he is in a chance. Throw in Christina Ricci and you have an amazing cast that usually brings the goods. Unfortunately the movie that had so much potential to serve as a metaphor for addiction and overcoming clearly just came across as a movie created specifically to see Christina Ricci naked and beaten severely as much as possible.

Favorite Movie: Borat. From the country bumpkin claiming that Borat should save his mustache in an effort to not appear to be a terrorist Muslim, and perhaps "pass as one of the EYEtalians" to the drunken frat boys acting like...well drunken frat boys, the beauty of this movie is that these people are real and it showcases the ignorance and bigotry we would like to pretend doesn't exist any longer in the country.

Most Surprisingly Good Movie: Bowfinger. All I have ever heard was how much this movie sucks. However I wound up enjoying it greatly. Admittedly this one you kinda have to be a movie buff to get all the jokes in it but they are still there, it's just a shame we live in a society where we expect the jokes to be blatant and over the top.

Most Surprisingly Bad Movie: A Bee Movie. Jerry Seinfeld what the hell were you thinking? Could you have fit MORE Bee related puns and play on words into an hour and a half? Yes I know it's a kids movie but come on! I haven't seen this much cheese and bad puns since that those horrible Flintstones movies. You could have done so much better, and yet here you are being horrible.

Most Surprising Movie I Don't Own:
Bourne Ultimatum. I love the first one, I thought the second one was confusing and had way too much shaky cam though I wound up enjoying it more on my second viewing at home. I loved Ultimatum when I saw it in theaters. I am also a completest when it comes to series of movies so why don't I own this one?

Why In The HECK Do I Own: Blankman. This one I honestly do not even remember buying. It's just kinda always been on my shelf. I will admit to seeing it before and laughing a little. I was 14 most likely and as we all know most 14 year olds should NEVER be allowed to make entertainment choices. Still I sat there and I watched, and the entire time I thought to myself why did I buy this? I am not a Wayans Brothers fan. I only laughed when I was realizing just how stupid this is. Well I also laughed heartily at Derek and Kurt's reactions to watching this drivel with me as well. Though let's be honest, after watching the trailer below I am still not convinced this movie is real AND I OWN IT.

Alright that's all I've got for you today, the letter C is next and thankfully it's a little shorter than the last two groups.


Dericho said...

"Allen, you are less of a person for not only owning [Blankman], but for watching it." -Kurt

Of all those movies, I was there for Blankman?!? :-(

Erin Leigh said...
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Erin Leigh said...

I can't believe you don't own "Blank Check." Now that is cinema at its best.