For those still seething with rage

In a rather anticlimactic conclusion to my recent bouts with fatists I had another discussion with the kindly old Asian woman today. This time she came into my store, I'll be honest when I say I didn't even recognize her though we had been bitter rivals less than a week ago. Stuttering through her words she wound up explaining her actions and apologizing for the misunderstanding. It turns out there was another guy who used to work at my store, or nearby or something, that would joke with her and she would joke back and have a grand old time. Either she thought I was him, or she thought because he did it then everyone does it and it was okay. I then explained my feelings and that the fact that she came over to see me and apologize in person meant a great deal to me, and that now that I was aware of where she was coming form and that she didn't mean it that it was all water under the bridge and all was forgiven. She then urged me to continue to eat at Rice and Roll, and was admittedly quite adorable in doing so. And with that I told her I would because I do enjoy their food and was not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Surprisingly enough this woman who just 5 days earlier had caused me so much grief and anger over a simple miscommunication now had me smiling and happy in a day where nothing else had gone right. It's amazing what honesty and sincerity can cause.


Kate said...

Oh that makes me so much happier.
I will be honest, I thought about your last post and was so angry with that lady and with the doctor! lol.
I am glad she apologized, takes a good person to realize and do that.
Your doing great, keep doing what you are doing :)

smiles :) said...

awww, you couldn't have thrown Mariners souvenirs or some other supremely excessive act in a bout of rage? fine, be all mature and forgiving... :)