A letter to you

Dear reader,

Hi how are you? I'm fine. Did you have a fun Christmas? I always enjoy the holidays. So I have been wondering something for awhile now, since i started this blog really, why do you read it? I mean I know why I write it but I don't really understand entirely why someone would read it. I write because I hate writing in a journal but I need a place to write my inane and trivial thoughts. I write for the attention I get with every passing post. I write because I don't really have anything better to do and so I tend to ramble a bit (a lot if you ask Mark). I mean I realize you read this because I'm your friend and you love me and blah blah blah but why do you come back? Especially for those of you who read it from the beginning. I mean there was a stretch where I kinda forgot this thing existed, I would have figured you would have too, but no you have diligently continued reading my bogus and often incoherent posts.

Is it because I'm funny? I mean I have been told I have the second funniest blog out there (thanks Sarah, you're the second funniest Sarah I know) so that could be it. However it would appear if that is your destination should be Megan Belcher's blog for it is "the funniest blog out there" - Sarah K.

Is it because you hold out hope that I will say something poignant and deep? I hate to disappoint you but I am about as deep as the kiddie pool and just as filthy. Go read Mark or Kristin's blog if you want poignant and deep with a hint of confusing.

Is it because I delete posts you thought would be interesting when they showed up in your reader but when you got there it was nothing? Oh wait I don't do that, that would be Derek.

Do you like my cheery disposition in all that I do, while also enjoying my quirky design? Oops that's Sarah Hammond.

Also if you are looking for updates on my children and the rest of the family there's like 17 blogs to the right there that would be better fit since I rarely talk about my imaginary children since I wind up looking crazy.

I could keep going on reasons I think you might be reading this (you're looking for new and inventive ways to call someone fat perhaps?) but instead I will go with why I think you actually are reading this (confused? It's simple those other ones were jokes. Were they funny? No? this would be why I am in second.)

You are my close friends. According to the 2 separate site monitors I have on this blog the majority of my readers are in Seattle. Of the ones that are outside of Seattle they come from places I have either family or old friends that I have kept in contact with through facebook. You folks are awesome and I appreciate your reading.

You really like movie posters. I'd say during the holidays I got 3-4 hits a day from people looking for the posters that I used in my top 10 lists. I don't blame them they are awesome posters.

You actually DO find me funny. I don't think a social event goes by that I don't hear from someone telling me they love my blog and how funny it is. recently I had at least 7 people tell me they wanted to punch the poor old Asian lady in the face for calling me fat. I'm once again thankful for all the support in my writing as I surprisingly enough put a lot of thought and effort into these blog posts and I am grateful that the effort is worth it.

You want to get to know me better. Well folks you have come to the right place on that one. The only place I talk more about the intricacies of my feelings and my daily life is on Twitter. Normally my stories would be shared with a small few but through this blog and twitter I have an outlet for them to share them with everyone. The only thing missing is my outrageously loud voice shouting without realizing I am shouting. You would be surprised how many people don't miss that.

You actually have patience and love my long-windedness. Some people (Mark) have grown accustomed to the insanely short writings of Kristin, Megan, and many others. Unfortunately I never really know when to stop and as such my blogs are very, VERY long. And honestly I am happy about that. All my favorite blog writers write long entries. Matt at x-entertainment.com is an excellent example of the type or writer I try to model myself after. Sorry if you don't like this but unfortunately for you I don't plan on changing any time soon.

Anyway those are my ideas as for why you read, though I really want to know honestly why you read. Unfortunately I know most of you won't comment because either you are shy or you would rather tell me in person, and that's fine. However you know what's fun? Using the comment sections. I really hate to have to plug my own comment section but it's kinda bare. I want it to be full. So please, just this once, comment here. I want to hear from you, all of you. If for no other reason than it gives me a better idea as to who is reading this. Either way I love all of you, but I love the ones that comment even more.


P.S. Okay maybe this one is a LITTLE long.


Aimee said...

I read because your blog is in my google reader, so every time you post a new entry, it pops up as unread. I only read blogs of people I'm interested in keeping tabs on. I've stopped reading people I've lost touch with, or can't care less about. Since you're my friend and I care about you, I'll probably continue to read your blog.

I wish I could say I think you're funny, but you know the only times I really genuinely belly laugh at you are the times when something comes out of left field and you're not really trying to be funny at all. That's just the way it is. I guess you and I's sense of humor isn't aligned right or something.

smiles :) said...

hey Allen! So I'm being very obedient and writing a comment because you told me to. :) I normally don't comment unless I have something vital to ask and/ or share, which isn't super frequently...

So anyways, why do I read your blog? Well for the regular reasons I guess; I miss you and Seattle, and your blog is a good way to keep up with all of the goings on there. Also, you write wayyyy more than you talk in person, and so I learn many new things about you thru your writing as opposed to when I'm actually around you in person. So that about sums it up, plus I'm always waiting for you to use those big words you like that I can then incorporate into a sentence later on and impress people, er, Texans. Texans are easy to impress ;) So thanks, Allen!