Sick and tired

Alright I love my job, really I do. I get to hang out and watch sports all day. I get to read articles about sports and discuss sports with the few people who come into my store throughout the day. As a red blooded American male there is no way I could possibly complain about this job. And then this man happened -
Now as a sports fan I love Griffey. He was clean in an era where everyone else was dirty. He put Seattle baseball on the map. There are so many different reasons why people love him. I am not here to argue them. I'm just saying I am tired to hearing about them. See if you follow sports here in Seattle you would know that Griffey up there is a free agent. It would seem every single person who follows the Mariners either wants Griffey back or would like him to go away because his defense isn't great and his skills have greatly diminished in the 9 years he has been away from Seattle due to injury and the fact that he is approximately 9 billion years old. For the last 5 days the Seattle Times has been reporting that Griffey is coming back. Everything was set. He just needed to get a physical and finish up with a Pro Am golf tournament and he would be with the team posthaste. This got the aforementioned Mariner fans excited and this excitement brought them to my store and asking repeatedly when he was going to be with us and when we were going to sell #24 shirts and jerseys. Truth be told the idea of actually being busy this season thanks to the increased ticket sales Griffey would bring in got my hopes up and I waited for an email from the front office telling us the deal was done.

And then Atlanta became interested. Now it's a battle between two locations and captain indecisive can't be bothered to just make a choice and stick with it. It seems every single hour he's going to Atlanta, then Seattle, then Atlanta, then Seattle etc. etc. etc. I'm just tired of it all. At this point I really don't care about the added work or the increased ticket sales. I just want him to sign somewhere. ANYWHERE. He could decide he wanted to play basketball and sign with the Chicago Bulls and I would barely have the energy to fake yawn in enthusiasm. That's how little I care about this man who everyone can't seem to stop talking about.

So today, the day we are supposed to actually get a resolution to this madness I have decided I am not going to talk about it*. If you try to talk to me about my feelings or my thoughts or to try and get inside information that I don't have I will punch you in the face. HARD. You have already read my feelings on this and you know everything that I know. Until there is a press release sent out by either the Braves or the Mariners I really don't care.

*Yes i realize this blog post counts as talking about it but I needed to vent and explain myself so I am not going to count it against me.

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Erin Leigh said...

Up until the last paragraph, I was going to point out your facebook status. Oh the emotional strain!

PS...per your last post, I heard great things about your lesson...it's times like those that I wish I could be in EQ.