Revisting my Resolution

Okay so there has been a couple votes placed and since it's looking like a landslide I figured I would post a followup to my resolution. If you are unfamiliar to my resolution I direct you here.

Officially now the rules are as follows:

1. The movies must be watched in Alphabetical order. (for this purpose it's A-#'s)
2. If I watch a movie out of order I have to watch it again when it comes up in it's order.
3. Once I have watched the movie in order I CAN NOT WATCH IT AGAIN until finished.
4. The exception for #3 is if it is part of a group viewing where I have no control over the movie being played.
5. If a movie is added later in the year when I have already passed it's place in order it is added to the end of the list in alphabetical order.
6. TV shows DO NOT count, but rather will be added as a secondary goal depending on when I finish with my movies.

I kinda want to keep this short but at the same time I want to give you an update as to how I am doing. So far the rules have been pretty easy to follow though I admit that they are definitely set up to add difficulty later on in the journey.

I've watched 6 movies so far and I'm not even out of the A's yet. For some reason I expected to be out of the A's quickly and onto the B's. For those of you who are curious (and I know there probably is just me) here is a breakdown by the letter of how many movies I have for each letter:

A - 12
B - 13
C - 6
D - 9
E - 3
F - 2
G - 3
H - 5
I - 2
J - 3
K - 1
L - 4
M - 11
N - 1
O - 2
P - 3
Q - 0
R - 7
S -15
T - 8
U - 2
V - 0
W - 5
X - 0
Y - 0
Z - 1
# - 1

TOTAL - 119

I've also decided to do a blog post keeping you updated as to my progress every time I finish a letter. Just to keep me in check.

One of the main concerns from my friends was that I was putting a lot of time into this while neglecting physical activity and a social life. It is a very good and valid idea however I assure you that I am going to be doing more with my time than just watching movies. I am currently reading 2 novels, walking almost every day, still going out every opportunity that I have to be social and see people, and working 40 hours a week. If you do the math I only have to watch a little over 2 movies a week over the next year in order to be successful in this ordeal.* That's about 6 hours at most a week. I think I can spare 6 hours of relaxation time to watch a movie and not have my world fall apart.

*yes I am aware that is contingent on me not buying any more movies and the chances of that are slim and none since I have already bought/received 7 movies since making this goal.


smiles :) said...

Allen, I think you should know that there is a scary little man in a red outfit climbing up a ladder next to your movie collection- I'd keep an eye in him if I were you...

smiles :) said...

maybe not scary, just highly suspicious- where did he get that tiny ladder?

Dericho said...

amendment: if you finish all your movies, you have to go back and watch all the special features.

smiles :) said...

and why may I ask have you made this resolution? just curious...