My New Year's Resolution

Well it's that time again and I've decided to give myself an actual resolution that I can in fact achieve. I am going to watch all of the movies that I own in alphabetical order by the end of 2009. Now I know this sounds very much like a stupid goal especially considering I already watch enough movies but the bottom line is I realized I own a lot of movies that I have never ever seen. Shoot some of them I have never even had the desire to watch them, and yet I own them. I don't know why I own them, most likely they were cheap and I lack self control. I added the alphabetical order thing to make it slightly more difficult but still obtainable. Now I own 117 movies and I will most likely wind up adding more movies throughout the year so I have devised a some rules that I must follow in order to achieve this goal.

1. The movies must be watched in Alphabetical order. (for this purpose it's A-#'s)
2. If I watch a movie out of order I have to watch it again when it comes up in it's order.
3. Once I have watched the movie in order I CAN NOT WATCH IT AGAIN until finished.
4. The exception for #3 is if it is part of a group viewing where I have no control over the movie being played.
5. If a movie is added later in the year when I have already passed it's place in order it is added to the end of the list in alphabetical order.

I still haven't decided if I have to watch the TV shows that I have on DVD as well simply because of the HUGE amount of time I would have to dedicate to watching those episodes. I mean I own 13 box sets of seasons of TV shows. That would add 8,687 minutes or 144.78 hours to my already huge number of hours tied up in watching my movies that I am afraid I would run out of time to watch everything else. Still I am leaving it up to you, my faithful blog readers to decide if I should add the TV shows to my goal. Whatever you decide I will go along with. So all I am asking you to do is comment on this entry if you think I should or shouldn't with a brief explanation why. By January 1st I will close the ballots and post a new entry about my resolution.

The power is in your hands people!

*voting is closed for an update on my resolution please read this*


AmateurLawProf said...

Okay...here's my take. TV shows aren't movies, so you're in the clear. However, new purchased movies should be viewed immediately if they have already passed in the lineup. This creates instant gratification IF it has already passed, yet maintains order, and reduces the need for list maintenance.

Also...I object to the rule that once viewed in order it can't be viewed again...sometimes you just have to. Otherwise my ESSM or Lost in Translation addictions would be ruined.

Mallory said...

wow! that is a large time investment! I dont think TV shows should count. Good luck...but ya know with that many hours infront of the TV you could do a whole lot of other things...maybe you should split it into two resolutions do the first half of the movies this year and 2nd half of the movies next year...but then again i cant sit through a lot of movies cause I just dont sit for long periods of time =) Good Luck either way!

QuinHeebs said...

I say, NO, to the TV shows. If you feel like you're letting yourself down (goal-wise), pick one of your favorite episodes from the series. We have lotsa movies too, so I know your pain.
Good luck!