trapped in a box

You are trapped in a box. inside said box is everything you could need to lead a peaceful existance. However over a loud speaker you hear a voice. "There is one thing wrong with this box. Fix it and you will be able to leave and experience wonderful happiness unknown to you inside the box. You may not ask any questions as to what is wrong and I will not tell you. Punishment for asking is to be punched in the face repeatedly."

How do you get out of the box?


Aimee said...

Open it and leave.

Allen said...

You cannot open it without fixing it. You cannot fix it without knowing what is wrong. And you can't ask what is wrong.

the question remains, how do you escape the box.

RoughDreamer said...

Why would you want to escape the box? Apparently there's everything inside for a peaceful existance. Isn't that good enough?

Allen said...

It's a peaceful existence but not a truly happy one. The joys that await you outside the box are immeasurable in comparison to the inside of the box.