I need to see more live comedy

I love stand up comedy. Like seriously love it. I want to name my first two children (provided they are born 1 boy 1 girl) after Richard Pryor and George Carlin. I could sit and watch Comedy Central when they are doing day long runs of stand up specials all day long and never grow tired. I voted over 300 times for Kyle Cease in the Comedy Central Showdown. Every year I go to Bumbershoot, not for the bands but for the comedy line up. I have met and befriended many stand up comics in my life. Once I spent an entire evening hanging out with Nick Swardson watching an Iggy Pop concert. And yet aside from Bumbershoot I have only been to a total of maybe 5 stand up shows live. Tonight I saw Greg Behrendt at the Moore theater and he reminded me why I love it more. Here's what I don't get - Greg said that most comedians think Seattle is the place to go to do live comedy. And yet I never go. There are two GREAT local comedy clubs here in Seattle, and yet I haven't visited one in over a year. I think I am going to try and go to at least 2 more shows this year, and a couple of local shows. It's so much fun and while it's tricky to find a clean comic hopefully I will be able to find some so I can introduce some friends to this stuff.

Seriously go watch live comedy!

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Taylor Blue said...

You rock you know that..I have been reading this blog for like an hour!