What I am missing from my life

Now as most everyone should know I am a big time pro Wrestling fan. I watch all 3 main WWE shows every week (though I will admit to fast forwarding the recordings most of the time) and I have been to 6 different live shows throughout my life (again the last one I went to was 6 years ago but it's hard to top Wrestlemania). Yes I know it's "fake" but I really don't care. I'm not in it for the fighting, but rather the drama and the absurdity of it all. Tonight while watching RAW I got into a brief conversation involving an aspect of the show that I realized something in my life was missing.

I need entrance music.

Now in the wrestling world the entrance music captures the character and the person coming to the ring. I have set forth to find the perfect song for myself that defines me as a person. Originally I had this big long idea of what I should say about going on a journey through my iTunes, but instead I am going to just cut directly to the chase, my new entrance music is "Big Poppa" by Notorious B.I.G.

Quite simply this song is amazing and try as you might I don't think you can deny just how "Me" it is. I mean I love a T-bone steak, Cheese eggs and Welch's Grape. It's PERFECT! I now make a humble request that if you have my phone number you make the chorus of this song my ringtone.

Oh and also while you are at it now it's your turn, what's your entrance music?


smiles :) said...

wow.... wow. I must admit, I remember listening to this song back in the day, but really? I don't know, Allen, it's funny and all, but I think you have much more class than B.I.G.. but maybe that's just my view of you ;)
and also: wrestling? so many jibes, so little time! ;) alright, I will accept all of you, even this. that is all... for now :) still working on my song, then you can mock me in retaliation!

Mallory said...

lol entrance music....you always make me laugh Allen!