Belated promise part 1: The Mark Edition

Alright so this is a little later than I had promised but I am going to take the time to write about each requested item. Some will get more than others but that isn't so much me saying your suggestion sucked, but rather me admitting I don't know as much about Unicorns as I do my 2010 resolutions. Anyway this post is to talk about most of Mark's lovely suggestions.

1. Life without Mark is depressing. I found myself just randomly talking about him over breakfast with my friends Joan and Kenley about a week ago for no reason other than I missed him and wanted to talk about him. While Kenley has plenty of experience with Mark, Joan had never met him so I only hope our descriptions of him as a sweet natured cute little guy with a vile sense of humor but you let him get away with it because...well he's Mark, was valid enough to not scare her away from meeting him. Seriously though Mark, you are missed.

2. School is school. I am finding myself learning more about myself than I am about any of the subjects I am taking but then again if movies have taught me anything it's that that's exactly what a good education does.

3. Sorry Mark but my Corners will never be on this blog. Too many people read it and I don't want to make them think too much of something like that. Look for that somewhere else.

4. I'm gonna pull a cop out move on this one because I can't think of anything. Instead here is a blog post I wrote 9 months ago that I am sure not all of you read full of random things about me. Enjoy.

Up Next: Sports Mascots!


Mark Johnson said...

you should write all your blogs either about or for me. also, about number 4: everyone already knows the stuff on that list.

amera hearts said...

i think i would like to know about #4 as well.

also, i must suck because you didn't even say hi during my visit! then again, you did text me happy birthday. on the other hand you didn't say merry christmas...