My birthday presents

So as all of you should know today is my birthday (if you don't know this why are we friends again? Oh yeah, I'm awesome.) With every birthday comes the memory of birthday presents and the awesome parties you had growing up. And then the depression sits in when you realize there will be no presents this year, because you're too old for that sweet lego set you want.

one day this will be mine!

However I have been doing a lot of thinking and I have grown to realize that I may not get flashy toys, or that new bike I have always wanted, but I still get birthday presents. And so with that I am going to share with you all of the awesome birthday presents I have received this year. try not to be jealous they are pretty awesome.

1. My mom gave me life and the constant knowledge that no matter how much I screw up she will always love me. She also gave me the peace of mind that comes when you know the people you love the most love you back.
2. Shawn Trieber helped me to understand just how much I mean to those I have come in contact with throughout my life, even if I have lost contact with them until recently.
3. The Youngs in particular Leah, Anna and Margaret have given me a sense of family that I forgot I had. It feels so good to know that I belong.
4. Zach Wadsworth gave me the joys of knowing that people do love me.
5. 60 people have reminded me that I am someone people love to hang out with and enjoy being around. I would list them here but I don't want this to get too long.
6. Dean has given me a new life so many times and kept me from jumping that I feel as if I owe her my entire life.
7. Mark Johnson has given me a level head, not allowing me to think too highly of my accomplishments while still making me feel like a success.
8. Derek Child has been an amazing example to me of the type of man I should strive to be through his actions and unwavering love for his friends.
9. Kristin Wegener and Holland Avery have given me an understanding that sometimes the things I do and say can hurt those that I love the most. I don't expect you to ever call me your friend again but I still wanted to take this time to say I am sorry.
10. Chris Draney gave me a friend when I had none.
11. Aimee Elber has taught me that even the most angelic of people can grow frustrated with the actions of others, and yet they still try so hard to make everyone around them happier.
12. Serena Miles has taught me a lot about forgiveness.
13. Kurt Kaiser has provided me with laughter and acceptance, when all logic should dictate that I should have been kicked out of his little pink playhouse a long time ago (mostly for saying things like he has a little pink playhouse).
14. Twitter has given me an outlet for all of my thoughts.
15. This blog has given me a place to rant so those around me don't have to listen to it (oh they still do but on a much smaller scale than before)
16. Jon Cox has given me a glimpse into the man I could be if I just stopped being so negative.
17. Adam Hamilton has given me, for the first time ever, actual regret and sadness over not writing him on his mission. I'm still not going to write him because I'm a stubborn jerk like that but I do feel bad about it.
18. My dad has given me my sense of humor, my intellect, and my love of all things shiny.
19. My stepmother has given me an increased awareness of organic and the benefits of shopping locally.
20. And finally (I wanted to do 29 but this was getting to be way too long) all of my friends have given me acceptance, joy, peace, and love. I don't say it enough but I do appreciate all that you have given to me, whether you have known me for a day, a month, or in the case of many of you my whole life. When I find myself asking why I keep going, you are the answer. Thank you all for your birthday presents, they mean more to me than you will ever know.


Dericho said...

Allen, I don't think you know me well enough. I hate more people than I can count. Luckily, you are not one of them.

Kurt said...

Everyone knows you are lying. My playhouse would be purple, bitch.