10 things...

So I have decided to make a list. A completely self serving and grandiose list all about myself. This is not like my last list two reasons: 1. it will be short, and 2. I will correctly use bullet points. Today's list is 10 things that make me happy that has nothing to do with other people. The rules are simple, I am to come up with ten things that make me legitimately happy that has absolutely nothing to do with other people. In theory this should be simple. Since this is all a freestyle thing here these are not in any order.

10. the Internet. I could get lost on the Internet for days on end, and I really do feel like I am often sucked into it's web (yes an overly used poorly crafted metaphor, sue me it's late and I lack creativity) but to have so much knowledge and power directly in my hands right along side countless dick jokes? It's like heaven I tell ya!

9. Baseball. Now I will admit I didn't grow up playing the game with my friends or even playing catch with my dad, but in recent years I have learned to greatly appreciate the game, even outside of the workplace. Sure I still don't know what all the stats mean and honestly I don't care, but nothing beats a good rally and the home team coming away with a win.

8. Cooking. The art of cooking and the mastery of it all is something that while I downplay it when I am cooking for myself is still something that can turn a bad day good. The look of a really nice produce section, or even better a farmer's Market can be absolute heaven on earth for me.

7. Shopping. I used to hate this as a kid, but then again which kids didn't hate it? Now I just go and walk around, lusting for clothes that don't fit or complaining about the ones that do. Interestingly enough even the complaining makes me happy. Which brings me to...

6. Complaining. I LOVE to complain. I realize that sounds weird, and that might not sound right to some but honestly there is very few things I get more pleasure from than complaining. Venting your frustrations with the world, or even just those patient enough to listen can be exhilarating and very relaxing. This is why you will often hear me whining about nothing at all simply because I want to be heard.

5. my phone. For the first 2 years of having a cell phone I had a crap phone. Sure it did what I needed it to do, call, text and update my twitter, but it wasn't anything special. I was content, and often cited the mantra of the cheap phone user : "Hey it was free". Then for this last Christmas everything changed. I received the G1 from t-mobile from my dad and stepmom and I realized exactly what I was missing out on. Not only do I never want to look back but I am actually looking into a lobotomy just so they can take out that part of my brain that stores the memories of that phone.

4. a clean room. Now if you actually LOOKED at my room you wouldn't actually believe this one but it's true, a good clean room always makes me happy. The trouble is I lack any and all motivation to keep it that way once it is clean. It usually lasts about a week or so before the laundry piles up or the bed doesn't get made. Still when I do clean my room I always feel like I accomplished the impossible. Maybe that's why it makes me so happy.

3. movies. Alright this one is an easy one and is a bit obvious but I want to talk about it more so I will. I don't know what spawned my love of movies but I do know that a lot of my happiest memories have come from watching movies. Even really horrible movies. In fact one story that I am going to share is the one time I was so in need of air conditioning without running up our heating bill (this was before a movie ticket cost your first born child) I went to go see the movie "the In Crowd" by myself. Now when I say by myself I don't mean I was the only one in my party, no I mean I was the only one in the theater. This was it's second week in the theater too it is that good of a "Wild Things" knock off. Happiest moment of the summer.

2. Greenlake, especially in the spring and/or fall. Oh how I love greenlake. It is so calming and Serene. Sure it gets really crowded and whatnot during the Summer but that is for obvious reasons, it's amazing. It reminds me of the Levies in Lewiston where my mom and I would always go feed the ducks when i was a kid growing up. Maybe that's why I like it so much. It's a shame I live so close to it but I don't think I have been there in months.

1. Laughter. Some would say that laughter is a byproduct of being happy and thus should be disqualified but I disagree, especially since this my list and I make the rules. A good hearty laugh can immediately change a gloomy depression filled day a complete 180 degrees. just one laugh. No matter how sad you are too. It really is amazing. for example I was gravely sick yesterday and my friend Kurt came by and dropped off some soup and Popsicles. In the little while he was there he made me laugh so much I was feeling better before he left. I was still sick but I had forgotten all about it. Thanks Kurt.

Anyway that's my list. Just for fun though let's see what my list would have looked like if I had made it so it wasn't all about me:

10. You.
9. hearing from you.
8. talking to you.
7. hearing your name.
6. knowing you are reading this.
5. that you don't think this about you.
4. or even better that you actually do even though it isn't.
3. that I just confused you.
2. Your kind heart.
1. You.


NotAVisionary said...

it's about me, isn't it, allen?

haha. you're so awesome.

Dericho said...

I was also in the stone ages with my first couple of cell phones. Never again! Always shell out the extra bucks for the phone you want.

Kurt said...

Lets go feed the ducks at green lake sometime, that is a summerish thing to do. And maybe do beth's also. Not there huge omelet, just get their like 6 dollars bagel sandwich and then fill up on hashbrowns. I love hashbrowns.