It's that time of year again

Bumbershoot. I go every year and every single year I enjoy myself. This year is a little different for me though as for the most part I am a paying attendee. In previous years I have managed to get in for free by volunteering usually ushering at the Charlotte Martin comedy stage. However due to an over abundance of acts I actually want to see outside of the comedy world I decided I needed to pay this time. So as with previous years I have decided that I am going to blog about each day separately and this time I'm even going to include my schedule in case any of my readers (all none of you) would care to track me down and enjoy a show with me. So without further adieu here is my Saturday schedule.

12:30 - 1:30 @ the Fisher Green Stage - The Staxx Brothers

So I'm not gonna lie, I was looking for something early in the day that I would enjoy in order to kill time before my comedy show of the day. I generally do find myself at the Fisher Green stage due to it's proximity to the Charlotte Martin so I tend to check there first. Well I found these guys and started listening to their Myspace page and well I was hooked. They are the perfect blend of funk, soul, hip hop, and the best of all they are local. They are very reminiscent of the Roots except with more singing. I would strongly recommend these guys to anyone with an interest in something funky and fun.

2:00 - 3:00 @ the Intiman Theater - Hannibal Buress, Karen Kilgriff, & Doug Benson
Alright well yet another Allen Bumbershoot tradition is see Doug Benson Perform. He seems to ALWAYS be on the comedy lineup somewhere, and there is a reason for that - THE DUDE IS FUNNY. I honestly am not too familiar with the other two comedians but I can say this much I have never not been satisified with any of the comedy shows I have seen at Bumbershoot they always bring the funny. I will admit that Doug is a little dirty at times but it's also a 2 o'clock show which means there will be kids in the audience which means he MIGHT clean it up. Either way it will be funny. Also Doug has a new CD out so the chances of him signing it is so very high (much like Doug will be) it's ridiculous.

5:00 - 6:00 (though I will leave early) @ EMP Sky Church - PWRFL Power
Alright well this guy doesn't have a picture but that doesn't mean you won't love the heck out of him. If you loved the Juno Soundtrack you will love this guy. I'll probably only be able to catch the first half of this show but it should still be worth it.

5:45 - 6:45 @ Fisher Green Stage - Estelle

Alright well I fell in love with Estelle after hearing her collaborate with Kanye West for her hit single "American Girl" and let me tell you the rest of her album is just as good. If you love R&B and Soul check her out.

7:30 - 8:45 @ Memorial Stadium - Band of Horses

So I found out about these guys thanks in a large part to another Bumbershoot performer I will be talking about in my Sunday or Monday preview, Greg Behrendt. Seriously I love these guys.

9:15 - 10:45 @ Memorial Stadium - Beck

If you people need me to tell you why you should see BECK I really don't think we should be friends. It's BECK for goodness sake! Just GO!!!

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Aimee said...

Ya know, in all the years I've lived in the PNW, I've never been to Bumbershoot. How crazy is that?